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The internet has become one of the greatest sources of information in the world, and without a doubt, the most accessible. Its content is oriented so that they can be easily consulted and visualized, but its exploitation for other purposes is very complicated due to the multiple and different ways in which they are found.

To solve this problem we've created the Trama© technology, which enables the extraction of any web content that is found on the web, to make it useful, exploitable and in this way, so that it can be used for multiple purposes.

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Vitesia exists to create and apply technology for the benefit of companies and society, so that the information available on the web can be useful and accessible.

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We create technology. Make it yours!

As the digital formats become more and more sophisticated more and more data is created on the web. Managing that data to make it accessible, mobile and useful is our daily job.

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Try creating your own consults!

myTrama is our SaaS tool that lets you extract data from various websites and get them fully structured. For your B2B integration projects, your market research and business intelligence or to get your own report in PDF format.

myTrama adds the language Trama-WQL a structured query language created entirely by Vitesia, which lets you perform queries to retrieve, simply, any information stored on the web.

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A solution for make up your App

Trama Forms allows you to easily transform forms and web processes to use them in applications for mobile devices. Without dupllicating code, and taking advantage of all its functionality.


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