What is myTrama?

More and more data is created on the Internet everyday. Sometimes, it is necessary not only to consult that information, but also to take it out and turn it into different formats so that we can make the most of it.

Students, researchers, professionals in general and also private and public organisations usually deal with a problem so easy as how to extract information of one or several web sites in order to work with it in a spreadsheet, a text document or to integrate it into another application. This task should be quick and easy to solve, but it usually turns out to be something tedious and complicated because the online data were not created with this purpose.

myTrama is a software tool that extracts data from the Internet (web scraper). It allows its users to take out localised information from one or several Internet sites and to get it in an organised way and in different formats: JSON, XML, CSV and PDF. Then, that information can be used in Business Intelligence processes, market research, statistical analysis or the development of applications for any device or technology.

How it works?


Cloud service.
The results are accessible from any device and in different formats.


It can be adapted and personalised to the necessities of the user and it offers different output formats.


The extracted information is synchronised with the Internet information in real time.

Cost reduction

Nimble and easy extraction procedures, which shorten development times and cost.


The output formats can be easily integrated in any multi-platform application.


It allows getting data from different web sites within the same result.

Web solutions

Data extraction services from the Internet to use in catch-all portals, which want to show particular information from different sources, such as, sports results and tables, weather information, ski slopes condition, etc…

Data extraction services from the Internet for SMEs and large companies, regarding issues such as market studies, business intelligence processes or surveillance; and also competitor analysis in order to support the making of strategic business decisions.

Open Government Directive and public data transparency. Data extraction services from the Internet and export to formats that can be used by public entities, companies or society as a whole to include it on webpages, application development, statistical studies, dashboards, etc…

Solutions for the mobilisation of any content and/or questionnaire that is published anywhere on the Internet, online shops (e-commerce), etc. Quick service and great cost reduction: the data is obtained directly from the web, so there is no need to develop other expensive middle services to access.